from Junagdh and Kutch

( Organic / carbide free )

About !

we are growing at our orchards at Avaniya village of Junagdh district Gujarat.

we are here to offer you  authentic source of Best directly from the orchards.

we formed a group of farmers from Junagadh and launched this online Mango store where you can order Best , sitting at your home.

We ship them naturally ripened Mangoes of best quality in different stages like Ripened and ready to eat  , semi ripened which will be ready for consumption as required. (3-7days)

we will offer   from Junagadh , Kutch and from our fellow farmers orchards of Valsad.

We are based at Junagadh and we have invited group of farmers from Kutch to make their Organic available on so that people do get their special taste and authentic flavor.

Why we started ??

Traditionally Mangoes are plucked from the tree when they are not ripe and transported to the various consumption centers like big cities and markets from where mango Lovers Buy Mangoes.

Mangoes are artificially ripened at these consumption centers.This is how the Mangoes are supplied and consumed since ages.

But in this process some elements started using hazardous chemicals which is dangerous for the human health . Govt is trying to stop them with laws and inspections but there is No easy way to stop these people from doing bad practices.

If you have any queries regarding Mangoes please feel free to get in touch with us.

Sandip Oza

He is founder member of Maliya Farmers sahkari Mandli , MangoLover and Grower loves be in the wilds , woods and green spaces.

Mehul Pandya
Operation Manager -Gujarat

Mango Lovers first and Operations managers later ,He is the Hands on guy for all logistics and planning packing and delivery operations.

Ashish Pandya
Strategy & International orders

Takes care of all international business and in-house strategist.

Hemant Dave

Takes care of all digital activities including communications and digital life of